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Problem Solver, Designer, Leader

Graduate from The University of South Florida

As a USF Alumni, it is exciting to look back to how far I have come during my time at the University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business with a major in Management Information Systems and a minor in International Business.

Graduated December 2020.

What I Do

Software Developer

During my time at USF, I have taken a few classes that included C#, SQL, System Architecture & Design, Information Security, and Data Communications. These courses have helped build a foundation for my career. During my time at SDG, I have refined skills in both front-end and back-end development. On the front-end, I have learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. On the back-end, I have learned .NET Core, C#, SQL, ASP.NET Web API's, and EntityFramework. For my final project, I was involved in a full-stack application combining all of these technologies. It was exciting to work with another person because it created a team environment. Even though I am only just starting my career as a Software Developer, I am excited for what is to come and the new skills I will develop along the way.


During my time at the University, I fine-tuned my habits to stay successful and on top of my game. It took me a while to develop a balance between school and work, but I have overcome this challenge over time. After about two years into college, I switched to online courses instead of having classes on campus. Because of this switch, it made working a fulltime job substantially more manageable. It allowed me to focus more and create my schedule around my job. I have gained valuable skills that I will carry with me into my professional career


Growing up, Video Games were a significant part of my life. I enjoyed playing with my friends online and working as a team to beat our opponents. I would also play solo open-world games that fully immerse you in the experience. Playing games was my first introduction to how code works inside of an environment. I would always wonder how gaming companies could create an interactive world that connects multiple players around the globe. Some of these solo games were gigantic worlds that could take months to explore fully. I was intrigued by how all of these games worked. I was inspired to learn how video game coding works, and I wanted to see under the hood of these complex gaming environments.


During my four and a half years at Chick-Fil-A, I moved into a management position. As the Director Of Operations, I oversaw the day to day operations of the store. In this role, I gained valuable management experience that has helped me become a better leader. Being in charge of all health inspections and quality visits was a big hurdle to overcome. It was a great experience to learn how to keep a clean, safe, and effective store. Learning what goes into Working with and managing an entire kitchen staff helped me understand what it takes to be an effective manager. I became more disciplined and learned how to convey the companies vision, rules, and policies to the staff.

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5 years

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Ambitous Upcoming Developer


Suncoast Developers Guild

Full-Stack Development

Suncoast Developers Guild is A full-time immersive Coding Bootcamp that spans over three months. During this period, I learned the fundamentals of full-stack web development. The course consists of front-end technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and server-side back-end technologies such as .NET, SQL, and C#. I will create a fully functional website backed by databases and server-side applications at the end of the course.

2017 - Present
University of South Florida

Bachelor of Science

I will graduate from USF St.Petersburg with a Major in Management Information Systems and a Minor in International Business in December. During my time at USF, I have taken Software Devleopment courses in Business Application Development, Systems Analysis and Design, Database Design and Administration, Business Data Communications, and Information Security.


2019 - 2020

Director of Operations

In this role, I would oversee the day to day operations of the Chick-Fil-A Seminole store.


Some of these duties included Coaching all leadership on operational imperatives and aligning daily practices with the company’s vision, building a talent pipeline within the team, recognizing and developing individuals with leadership potential, assisting Personnel in sourcing, hiring, and terminations, and finally Overseeing Health inspections, SAFE visits, and Delottie visits.


A few accomplishments include promotion to Operations Director within the first two years of employment, bringing our SAFE score rating from an Unsatisfactory 8 to a Good 4, and bringing our Deloitte food quality score from 80% to a 95%

2013 - 2016

Team Leader

The beginning of my work experience started at Chick-Fil-A 4th Street when I was 15. During my time at this store, I moved into a Team Leader position within my first year. Some of the responsibilities included assisting the manager on duty with training, creating the daily line-up, running breaks, and keeping the shift smooth and steady.

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